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A stateless person permanently residing in Uzbekistan for going abroad temporarily or permanently addresses to the departments of Entry, Exit and Registration of Citizenship (EE&RC)
at the place of permanent residence.

List of necessary documents for processing exit visa from Uzbekistan for stateless persons:

1) permanent residence permit;

2)  application of a standard form;

3) receipt for payment of the state duty;

4) 4 photos sized 35 х 45 mm.

In case of the exit for permanent residence abroad

In addition to the abovementioned documents it is necessary to attach a notarized consent of

  • parents and spouse (except in cases of joint departure) permanently residing in the territory of Uzbekistan,
  • former spouses permanently residing in Uzbekistan, if there are children from a joint marriage, and in cases of their death or unknown absence — a death certificate or a court decision on the recognition of a person as missing (copies are made, the originals are returned)
  • when leaving for permanent residence abroad, a stateless person is issued a sticker without expiration date.

In case of a temporary exit abroad

1. In case of a temporary exit abroad person is issued a sticker of a permissive record for traveling abroad, valid for a period of 2 years.

2. During this period, a stateless person may repeatedly travel abroad.

3. The validity of the sticker must not exceed the validity of the certificate of stateless person or travel document.

4. Exit without processing a sticker entails responsibility, established by legislation.

5. The expiration of the sticker validity abroad is not a basis for bringing the stateless persons to a responsibility at the entry to Uzbekistan, as well as when traveling from one foreign country to another.


  • for processing a sticker -80 percent of the minimum wage
  • for any amendments or changes-10 percent of the minimum wage

The procedure of consideration of appeals by departments of EE&RC

  • in the absence of grounds for limiting the right to travel abroad, a certificate of a stateless person is issued and a sticker is pasted into it or into a travel document

Period of consideration

  • within 15 working days, can be extended to 30 working days
  • in case of an exit abroad for a business trip– should not exceed 10 working days;
  • in case of documents, confirming the necessity of immediate treatment, the fact of serious illness or death of a close relative, requiring departure from Uzbekistan – should not exceed 5 working days

On return from abroad

After returning from abroad, a stateless person permanently residing in Uzbekistan, within 3 working days, must apply to the Department of Entry, exit and registration of citizenship (EE&RC) to pass the certificate or travel document and in return obtain a residence permit in Uzbekistan.

Grounds for cancellation of residence permit and permanent residence of foreign citizens and stateless persons permanently residing in the territory of Uzbekistan, departed abroad

  • temporary departure from Uzbekistan of foreign citizens, if they have not returned to the place of permanent residence in Uzbekistan without valid reasons for more than 3 years
  • end of the validity period of the travel document of stateless persons who temporarily exited Uzbekistan, if they have not exchanged or refused to exchange it without valid reason;
  • personal appeal or appeal of another person by a notarized power of attorney or at the request of the relevant authorities abroad for cancellation.