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A foreign citizen is not allowed to exit Uzbekistan in the following cases:

а) if his departure is contrary to the interests of state security —until the termination of the circumstances preventing the departure;

b) if a person is subject to agreement, contractual obligations that prevent him from going abroad for permanent residence—until the termination of these obligations;

c) if a criminal case is initiated against a person—before the end of the proceedings or the adoption of a judicial decision on it;

d) if a person is convicted of a crime — until serving a sentence or release from punishment;

e) if a person avoids an obligation imposed on him by the court — until the end of fulfillment of obligations;

f) if the person has knowingly given fraudulent information about himself;

g) if a person is sued a civil suit in court —until adoption of the decision by the court.

Procedure for appealing of denial of the right to leave

Refusal in the right to leave abroad according to the abovementioned reasons, delay of response for more than the established period can be appealed by the foreign citizen in higher instance agencies, which are obliged to give the answer not later, than the monthly period, and in case of disagreement with its decision— in court.

If a person is subject to contractual obligations that prevent him from going abroad for permanent residence-until the termination of these obligations, the refusal is not subject to appeal.